Here are some pros and cons to consider when deciding whether you want to purchase new construction, or a resale that has already been lived in :

Pro's   Con's


Ontario New Home Warranty Plan
Moving into a brand new home
Choosing your own finishes
  Buying from a floorplan
Waiting up to two years
Construction delays


You can see what you're getting
Move in within 30 - 60 days
There is flexibility in price
  Partial or no home warranty
Someone else's dirt
May need renovation

If you're buying new, always visit the sales centre with an agent. Although the developer's price is usually firm, an agent can negotiate to have extra upgrades thrown in. Your agent will also walk you through the Agreement of Purchase and Sale and suggest changes that will be to your advantage. The developer's sales rep is there to get the best deal for the developer; I have experience negotiating Agreements of Purchase and Sale for new units and I will be there to make sure YOU get the best deal. My commission is paid by the developer and does not affect the purchase price since Buyer Agents' commissions are factored into the developer's plans from the beginning.

Note: - Ontario New Home Warranty Plan does not apply to new conversions, since the building has a pre-existing structure.


These award winning developers are recommended because of their reputation for quality, design, and service:

CANDEREL STONERIDGE – – the builders of DNA at 1005 King W., the Massey Harris Lofts at 915 King W., College Park and the Waterford

DIAMANTE – - the builders of DOMUS at 3 McAlpine, One Balmoral, Phoebe at 18 Beverley and 11 Soho, Two Roxborough E., the Royalton and One City Hall

CONTEXT – - the builders of TWENTY Niagara, the Kensington Market Lofts, District Lofts, Ideal Lofts, Radio City, Tip Top Taylor Lofts, Spire, MOZO, the Loretto and Home

TRIDEL – – the builders of Qwest at 168 Simcoe, The Richmond at 313/323 Richmond E., The Artisan at 152 St. Patrick, the Icon at 250/270 Wellington W., Verve and Element.